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Good morning to you all.I am hoping to raise money for my Autoimmune disease healing tools and modalities to start with.My life has been so limited due to my condition and I wish to have a life filled with more fun, social interaction and physical wellness programs.Any donation would be so much appreciated.Thank you all in advance for any donation you can afford to give me.Love and light Margie

I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease called Scleroderma at the age of thirty nine.I have been fighting it now , day by day for 15 years.There is no cure, it is degenerative and is attacking my bodies cells, organs and systems.It is also known as Systemic Sclerosis and sadly has taken over my life , as I have many associated diseases diagnosed as a result.These are some of the many I have to deal with.Digestive disease, Circulation and vascular disease, Thyroid disease, Gum disease, Heart disease, Fibromyalgia and Immune system unbalanced.
The money I am raising is for my constant Medical bills, Healing therapies management and STem Cell Transplant.I am hoping for monies as soon as possible for my daily healing therapies.I havent been able to work for 11 years and my relationship is strained due to shortage of finance.I want to have my health back so I may live a happy and healthy quality of life.The stem cell transplant I hope for within 5 years, or if my condition gets worse , then of course as soon as possible.

This would mean so much to me and my family as the past years have taken a dreadful toll on my home, my family and my emotional well being.

I would be extremely thankful and appreciative for any help I receive.My life would then be worth living and my love of Angel card reading would be my contribution to my personal cause.I love to help people and I found this gift of reading  to be my one focus, to turn my life around.

Thank you
Love and light
Margie Kugler

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