Margie's Angel Card Reading

Internationally Published AUTHOR of my book THE GIFT WITHIN, A Channeled Poetry Journal.

MY Life



I am a Chronic Illness patient and have been fighting this Autoimmune disease called Scleroderma for over 15 years. The disease has progressed to a fatal condition called Systemic Sclerosis, my body is attacking itself by causing overproduction of collagen throughout the body. This causes fibrosis or scarring throughout all my bodies systems. My digestive system is affected, my vascular system, my endocrine system and more.

It is degenerative and there is no cure. My last resort is a Stem Cell Transplant, which is very complicated and expensive. I wish to work as much as I can to save for this, but it would be a very long time. I want to live a normal life again and follow my calling of being AN ANGEL CARD READER. This is a beautiful gift which I love, it has been blessed to me, regardless of my physical challenges and I feel I need to be proactive in my Health’s Recovery by wanting to live a better life so I can make a difference in other peoples lives with my GIFT of Angel Card Reading.

I am here for your love, care and assistance. I was drawn to ask for help and I appreciate any amount that you give. Bless you all from the bottom of my heart. Love Margie

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