Margie's Angel Card Reading

Internationally Published AUTHOR of my book THE GIFT WITHIN, A Channeled Poetry Journal.



QUOTE CARDS…” The suit of Fire represents our ideas and inspirations.Is where we feel passion, display amazing creativity and set our dreams into motion”

Tonight I have chosen three cards of FIRE…THE ACE OF FIRE THE EIGHT OF FIRE AND THE SIX OF FIRE
the Ace…An exciting new adventure and opportunity career wise.This can specifically be a life changing experience.

THE EIGHT OF FIRE….There so much to catch up on, due to the delays.Put your racing gear on as things will be moving quite fast from now on in.You may need to be multi skilled in order to keep up as well.

THE SIX OF FIRE….There is definite success and VICTORY for the next few months.Great recognition and rewards coming your way.How exciting with this wonderful news.

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