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My Pic 1I am welcoming you all to my new website and look forward to helping show the way for many people.I love what I do and sincerely think I can enlighten and encourage the world a person at a time. You can choose from any deck which you feel drawn to.If not I can choose for you with great Love and Guidance from our Angels, special messages for you to be enlightened. I am also a CERTIFIED Crystal Reader

I am the Messenger and follow my Instincts and Spiritual Intuition for the greater good of all so I choose your cards with much Accuracy and Love.

You may not see the answer in these guided words in an instant but with meditation and reflection you shall be open to many possibilities.Upon request you can name the card deck or decks which you want the reading from as this is a joint venture and your intention and intuition helps the process of accuracy.

When you place an order, I shall email you and ask you what your question is.
You may want to think of a question and get back to me or I can just draw the cards.It is purely up to your personal choice.I like to cover either some or all of the basic areas of Health, Love, Career and Finances, which the cards chosen will give me an indication of how I am to message for you.I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, but please allow at least one to two days for processing.

I look forward to your feedback after my readings and love any indication of how I have helped you be aware of your own insights or thoughts.Its all about us working together with our own energies and gifts to recognize the wisdom we have inside.




By purchasing my angel card readings, you confirm that you are of Legal Age( in your area of permanent residence) and/or that you have acquired the appropriate consent from your legal guardians.

As a result of these readings I  am not not liable for any positive or negative outcomes.I am the Messenger and it is still your decision to take the action





Hello all my friends, just to let you know that my Angelcard Reading site has been updated

with a PAYPAL DONATIONS Button. All who would like to donate to my cause for a Medical and Healing funds for my Autoimmune disease and don’t prefer a reading , this is where you can help me. Of Course I welcome both readings and donations/I LET Go And LET GOD guide you to me.

Thankyou in advance for anything that you can afford.All My Love and lightXXMargie

Sending Love Light Peace and BlessingsHere is a recent Testimonial from a reading I did for a wonderful Soul.I am so grateful for her words.Dear Earth Angel Margie Kugler
Thank you so much for the lovely reading:very  Accurate  and  Comforting , Enlightening and uplifting. Your reading brought peace and joy to my heart , you provide me with hope and motivation …the realization exposed within your reading enhanced my way of thinking and being
You have such a wonderful gift and a great way of helping people …you are truly blessed
You are my Angel and  I am really honoured and proud of your friendship
Margie Kugler is the best of the best From my precious and wonderful friend Dalila








Hi Margie,

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful reading you did for me previously… As they say, everything happens for a reason, and I believe my mum met you at just the right time when I was looking for a means of contacting my dad… I really appreciate the beautifully clear messages that you have been able to pass on from the other side, as everything stated in the reading had a powerful impact and really moved me. I have been very lucky to experience my dad’s presence lately whenever I am laying in my bed at night and talking to him…. Your reading has answered a lot of questions I had asked my dad previously, and I sincerely wish you all the best with your work and future.

Many thanks and kind regards,





This was a worthwhile investment.I received my reading fairly quickly, and it really did provide information
that was true to the turmoil in my life, and gave me hope for a brighter future, that things would calm down and get better.Believe me that was just exactly what I needed to hear.This was a good investment because card readers usually charge a lot more for a reading.Margie was a pleasure to deal with and is a very kind, caring soul with a Natural Gift for Angel Card Reading.

I find Margie’s readings insightful, reassuring and accurate.She has helped me to make sense of some confusing situations, so I can move forward with my life.

Margie has done several Angel Card Readings for me, they were quite accurate to what was happening in my life at the time.It gave me clarity and the guidance was great.Thanks Margie, you have a real talent, GeorgiaXXX

Thank you so much Margie!!Can’t believe how true everything you said!Your amazing you definitely have a gift.

From Katya
Thank you for doing the reading, it absolutely fits my current situation and it matches with my own readings on the subject, so its kind of a big reassurance to get this info from you.



The start to this New Year was terrible. I was so angry at a friend of mine and I didn’t want to forgive them or forget!! I was feeling so out of balance, I was unhappy and really lost and had no direction. As time went by things didn’t get better, then I had a reading by Margie and things changed!!!!

The reading reflected exactly everything that I felt, the big message was to forgive. I got in the reading that not only did I have to forgive my friend but I had to forgive myself. I sent my friend a message saying I forgave them and a sense of peace came over me. The reading reminded me of the person I am. I have changed my feeling for what this year is going to bring, even after a terrible start I feel at peace and look forward to what 2016 will bring. Thank you so much Margie, this reading changed me and words can’t express how it has put my life back into balance.


Thank you so much for the reading! It was spot on and I feel so much better now as I feel I am where I need to be! Thank you so much again! Love, light and blessings to you xxx

   FROM REN      Thank you Margie, I understand how busy you may have been of late.
Whilst reading your email I had an overwhelming warmth travel all over my body. Like I was being given a huge hug. I reread your reading and it came back, I know this is a good thing.
I am craving a new lease in all the areas of my life and I know it’s just around the corner.
Thank you again for the wonderful reading
Thank you!  The reading is spot one, in all 3 cards.
Card 1 – I have just reconnected with a previous lover and we are trying to figure out what to do.
Card 2 – I lost my sister over a year ago and still feel some anger at her for leaving me. This anger and mourning has caused some self control issues.
Card 3 – Late last year I gave my employer notice that I will leave job in 3 years. I am planning a future for myself but not sure doing what! This makes me feel good about my decision.
Thanks again.
Thank you and the Angels for the gracious and beautiful 3 card reading!
Hi Margie,
Thank you so much for your beautiful reading.
I have the romance cards but I find it difficult to read for myself as I feel that it’s my wishful thinking instead of my angels giving me guidance. So your reading blew me away.
I have received the Children card a lot in recent months and as I don’t have children and I have issues with both my parents (which I am hopefully healing and dealing with).  I am at this stage not considering have children in the future. The card has always stumped me with what messages the angels are trying to tell me. I am drawn to the dogs in the picture as I have two dogs that are my fur babies and which I consider my “kids”. But your explanation of the card makes sense with regards to working on my inner child.
The third card “pay attention to the red flags” initially had me feeling worried as after my relationship ended 3 years ago I thought I wanted to reconcile with my ex (he was my high school sweetheart and we were together for 17 years) and I always had this card came up in my readings. But after about 2 years of living in limbo waiting for my reconciliation while also working on myself, an incident happened between my ex and I that I now believed was the angels way of making me finally realise that he was not good for me and was not my “Prince Charming” that I deserve. Looking back now all through our relationship there were multiply signs telling me that the relationship was not right for me but being in love I thought love was enough to work through any problems. So I feel that with what I have gone through if I am dating someone and I sense something is not working or off I feel that I have the confidence and courage to walk away not saying that I will give up easily but I will do what is best for me.
It’s funny because I have the romance card app on my phone and I was bored yesterday and did a 3 card reading not really asking a question and I got the new love and children card. This was after I received your email.
Love and Light

I just wanted to say Thank you again for another amazingly spot on Angel card reading heart emoticon Margie you had know idea of the things happening in my life and you told me exactly about a new home and the happiness it would bring! And we have just purchased our dream home!! Everything is starting to align again as you told me it would smile emoticon xxx

Thank you so very much. I was just talking to my angels and asking them to give me a sign (with answers). And Lo and behold, your messages came in. It’s so beautiful, this relationship with all my angels and Jesus and Mary. I am in heaven. And I am so very thankful to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I was really impressed with my reading.Margie was so spot on with her accuracy.I am now in high spirits as there are so many positive things to look forward to in my life.I am excited and very grateful to my Angels for these wonderful messages. Love and light HELEN
Thank you so much Margie for your wonderful insight and clear gift. Your reading has answered my question about my marriage and was spot on with the original reading. Thank you for providing me with my very first Angel Card reading ever. It was a wonderful experience and I hope your journey with the Angel Readings are successful.
Once again I am blown away as I had a valentine day reading with you and the same two cards came up, Children and pay attention to the red flags. So I feel that the Angels are letting me know that my inner child needs to have fun. I need to work and trust my intuition when it comes to people and situations. As I feel in the past I have ignored this. You are correct as I don’t want to have my heart broken again. My previous relationship was with my high school sweetheart and lasted 17 years and really hurt me when he ended it. I though he was my forever/life partner. I am nervous about dating as he was my only boyfriend so I am not experienced at dating. But I am also excited to meet my “King” as I have felt that the chemistry and passion and also the connection on all levels had been missing for a long time in my past relationship and I believe that I deserve the happy ever after like the movies and tv shows.
I do have one question about the reading if you could clarify the last card. Do you feel that before my “King” comes, I would have someone of a romantic interest that I don’t feel the attraction/chemistry with or is it the other way around and they are not attracted to me?Thanks again for the beautiful reading.Love and light
Hi Margie Kugler.. I am writing to say THANK YOU so much for the reading! I am on a very strong spiritual Journey and have been feeling this strong urge to step out of my comfort zone and touch as many humans and animals as I can with healing touch and love. I was really excited to cross your path as I felt a instant connection to you. I have never had a card reading before. I have to say after I read your reading I sat in a pure state of “awe”! I was so fascinated how your reading targeted each point of my Journey!! WOW! Once again I have been shown how the universe & angels guide us , even bringing divine intervention. I have to say again , Thank you for helping me to stay focused and inspired to stay on this path..Margie I feel so blessed to have met you, not only as a Scleroderma sister BUT your love, guidance and inspiration is so needed to so many! Please keep doing these readings, in todays world we all can use some great guidance and inspiration!!! Sending you love and light and I will be back again soon to schedule a reading!! Hugs((())))) 
Dearest Margie, my thoughts are that I am so deeply grateful for you. What a beautiful reading. Michael has been such a huge part of the work I have been doing and this reading is such a confirmation of that. Thank you dear sweet Margie, angels and guides. Sending love and light and hugs.

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