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Melisa’s Heartfelt Tesimonial


Hi Margie! I wanted to share some feedback for you.
OOH Yes please Melisa thank you so muchXXX
Your readings in the moment are always such a gift and blessing and always ring true in my core they help me see pieces that are so important and are always things I need to hear
Sometimes the most valuable part is going back to read them days or weeks or sometimes even months later
The Angels know so much more than you and I and their messages are on their true time/space continuum
And they can see what we don’t but without much of the immediacy that we place on the knowing now
But they also see the possibility of things to come and sometimes the certainty and want to encourage us through that as well.
For example…though nervous about many things, things have been going well. The reading was wonderful in the moment and so encouraging and reaffirming
My Goodness, you have just said what I needed to hear this are so intuitive, and very very humble, like you are speaking with your Angels right at this moment.
However, today I had a really awful email from my exhusband to be and it was hurtful and I felt shamed and angry and needing validation and wanting to lash out and feeling like all of the messages that were so positive couldn’t possibly be for me really
But they are no less true today then when you told me
The Angels aren’t like, oh sorry, we didn’t see that coming so yep you suck
I applaud you for opening up without fear, but with truth and gratefulness.I am so lucky to have you in my life, although so far away you are here in Spirit with so much Love and Kindness.
The Angels still carry the same message and remind me, us, that we have to keep in mind that they are not a crystal ball into our “now”
They are bearers of truth and light for our always
They send messages of guidance and light and love for our every moment
And we don’t have to fear that that was yesterday’s message and no longer applies today
That we lost our worthiness or their love or that they made a mistake ?
I am sorry Melisa for your sadness but remember, yes the angels override the choices of others and their actions.You/we are not responsible for the pain others inflict on us..
We have to be open and trust and know
So going back to read your wonderful reading brought this up
And I wanted to share
Sorry, a bit winded I know
So thank you for all you do and I hope I can be a light and inspiration for you as well
No not winded at all, flowing truth that hits my heart with great strength and inspires me and wants me to just hug you with gratitude
Goose bumps and tears
You got the hug Melisa and Our energy is united as with all our Angels that support us.
I really , really love your testimonial here, it is GOLD, Precious, enlightenment that I would love to share with the world on my sites, is that ok?
Yes please
It’s just that we are so focused sometimes on feedback of the moment but this really struck me today
Your work and message and gift are far reaching
Even if you don’t realize it or if those of us that work with you and the Angels don’t realize it or forget to come back and tell you
So thank you
Ohh so true Melisa, I am glad it struck you as I am feeling quite down lately with my health issues and separation of my husband.I was beginning to doubt my gift…only because the ego got in while I was weak and tried to convince me
Well please be encouraged
And lifted
I had other plans but felt called to pause and reflect and then share
Thanks a million times over for giving me the messages I needed and I bless you for being in the moment and honest and Perfect
You’re so very welcome! Thanks to our Angels for connecting us and for speaking to us through each other
~huge hugs~
Going to take a short walk and eat some dinner, breathe today and eat well
Yes we are being joined together for a reason.May I offer you A free 4 card reading in a couple of weeks or when you feel the need for inspiration?
You are loved and valued beyond measure by many.
Oh, thank you very much
And when you need encouragement please know I’m here.
You aren’t alone
From Melisa  Thank you Margie
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Chapter 10 Inspiration & Intuition

COYOTE WISDOM, The Power OF Story on 69
“Heroic stories are about change. The hero is presented with a challenge. Sometimes
He refuses it, only to be confronted later by its necessity.
Then a struggle begins, sometimes with the outer world, sometimes entirely within the self,
Though usually with both. During this struggle the hero confronts obstacles, tries and fails several times, retreats to a place of re-evaluation and learning,(often called the dark night of the soul)
Develops resources and helpers, and finally takes the leap of faith to try again, this time
Emerging Victorious. This is the healing journey.”

To be happy, that’s what we all desire
Don’t search for answers not to be, just be
I smiled all day and it helped
I expected the best and it was
Then in silence I gave thanks, to be me.

Your soul knows its truth
It reflects within and without
It is the never ending light of You
Even before you had a physical self
You always knew what life was all about.

Listen intently to how you feel
To the calls of your souls destiny
No matter how bizarre they are
The changing lessons reveal
The BEST way to live
Follow each intention to the end and heal.

My heartfelt poems are a treasure
They come from spirit and love
It’s easy to write each word
Their inspiration, are sent from my Angels above.

The world is for us all
We deserve a mighty win
Move forward even when in doubt
Procrastination will only defer,
The wonderful surprises for us.
Take one deep breath after another
Each new moment in time, will
Be clear- See your journey
Be a part of each growing moment
Smile a continuous smile
Dream your dreams
Into your own Reality



Close-up of Black kitten looking at Goldfish, Carassius Auratus,

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Chapter 4 Courage & Faith


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,
The chance to draw back.
Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation).
There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of
Which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:
The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence
Moves too .All sorts of things occur to help one that would
Never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues
From the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforseen
Incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man
Could have dreamed would come his way. Whatever you can do,
Or dream you can do.
Begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.”

I can rely on myself
To stand up, and
Face the day
Without knowing
A Miracle is
Camouflaged by
All along
An Angel has
Placed a meaningful
In my path.
The clouds moved gently away
The stars shone,
Excited and Illuminating
To reveal to me,
The Gift Within.

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