Margie's Angel Card Reading

Internationally Published AUTHOR of my book THE GIFT WITHIN, A Channeled Poetry Journal.


angel card readingI am blessed with this wonderful gift

The Angels have allowed me to be their conduit

So all the words of wisdom may be passed through me

To reach each and every one of you.


Today I chose a deck from the Doreen Virtue

Archangel Michael Oracle cards.

I have been urged to’ Write About Your Thoughts and Feelings’

We are learning every day of our lives

In order to clear the mind and soul for more learning

We need to pass the energy on in words.

WORDS are very powerful tools to create

Also to empty the energy out to the universe

Expressing ourselves acknowledges

We are Present, Aware and are Ready to

Progress to our super consciousness.

And so it is


I am so grateful for the messages from above

Let them be a guide for you all


Love and light




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