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Hi There all my friends and followers.
It’s a lovely evening for love.
I have chosen three cards tonight from my Doreen Virtue The Romance Angel Oracle Cards.

Card 1….HONEYMOON quote “Enjoy the bliss of Holiday time together”
When a new couple wants some space to be alone and share and nurture their love, the best idea is a trip away to relax and cherish the time off with fun and good times together.Maybe a rekindling of a long relationship is what this card says as well.You may think its unreal a holiday alone but this may indicate a new flame on vacation and that is exciting!

Card 2. HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS.”Honesty, discuss your feelings with each other.
This card reminds us to talk through with each other what it is that is on each others mind.Holding back and assuming does not fix or prove anything.Its so hard to take that first step but with a calm and loving aura we can send the caring, loving signals that are needed for reconciliation.Sometimes a heavy heart just requires simple honesty and concern for each other.Mutual respect is essential.

Card 3. HEALING FAMILY ISSUES…”Your love life benefits as you forgive your parents”

This card is so important, we can get caught up in what we always did and don’t realize is an unconscious habit.
.Or we may react and do things similar to how we witnessed as a child.All is no ones fault, everyone in a family is doing their best for loves sake, especially mother and father.and let go of any grudges or regrets as a child.Move on to a better relationship at home.Ask Your Angels to put forgiveness into action.

I thank my Angels for this wonderful reading and I hope it reaches and helps you all who needed to hear it.

may I ask for support, if you like my readings, can you purchase a reading and I shall give you a FREE one same price.
I am wanting to reach out to many people and help them.
My Blessings to you all and thank you for being here on my page.


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